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Dental Monitoring

Dental Monitoring - our practice in your pocket

Life – it’s busy, but it should never be too busy to smile. Thanks to the Dental Monitoring app, orthodontic treatment is more convenient than ever. In fact, you can now enjoy fully remote treatment with Invisalign® clear aligners.

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What is Dental Monitoring?

Dental Monitoring is an app for your iOS or Android smartphone. At Clear Orthodontics, we pair your Invisalign® treatment with Dental Monitoring so that our Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Gavin Brown, can monitor your progress remotely.

Dental Monitoring

How does Dental Monitoring work?

If you decide to sign up for Invisalign® treatment during your free consultation with us, we can get you set up with Dental Monitoring .

Step 1 - You will download the Dental Monitoring app to your smartphone.
Step 2 - You will use the app to send us weekly pictures of your smile.
Step 3 - Dr Brown will review your pictures, and match your progress against your custom treatment programme.

Best yet, if all is going according to plan, we won’t need to see you at our practice. Dr Brown might even tell you to move to your next set of aligners - speeding up your treatment time.

Straighten your smile - wherever you are

Instead of coming in to our practice, we can keep an eye on the movement of your teeth on a weekly basis through selfies you send of your smile. You’ll enjoy increased communication with our team - and fewer commutes!

  • Track your treatment on the go
  • Have increased communication with our team
  • Get more regular feedback on your progress
  • Enjoy more efficient results

Dental Monitoring

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Whether you’re working, studying, or laying on the beach, Dental Monitoring fits orthodontic treatment into your lifestyle. Ask the team at Clear Orthodontics how you can get started today.

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Dental Monitoring

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