Invisalign® and braces for
teens and children

Invisalign® and Braces that are made for small smiles and big results

Dr. Duncan and the team at BeClear Orthodontics recommend that children ages 7 and up come in for an orthodontic consultation. Even if they don’t have all their adult teeth, our team will be able to take 3D scans that show the current growth of your child’s jaw and teeth, providing advice for future treatment plans and orthodontic solutions. 

Our goal is to provide custom treatment plans and state of the art technology to make sure your child receives the most comfortable and quick treatment that is available. We offer children the flexibility of all the latest appliances in orthodontics, which Dr. Duncan and her team are continually implementing in our clinic to give our patients convenient and fewer appointments meaning less time out of school. 

Regardless of your child’s age, we have experience creating custom treatment plans for children and teens with all different types of dental needs. 

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Invisalign® First and Invisalign® Teen gives children and teens an alternative

Did you know that most young patients don’t need braces in the traditional sense? It all depends on how soon you schedule your first consultation. 

The biggest advent in child and adolescent orthodontics in the last 100 years has been the elimination for the need for braces in most children. This is particularly so if Dr. Duncan can complete a simple phase of Invisalign® First in the 8-10 year old age group. In 9-12 months, we can simultaneously correct bite problems (like overbites and underbites), expand arches to create more space for crowded teeth and align the teeth to allow for straighter future tooth eruption. Quick, simple and easy, when your child is at their most cooperative age, all the hard work is done before the teenage years. 

Invisalign Teen

Add a boost of confidence with Invisalign® clear aligners

If your child or teen does need braces or orthodontic care, we have solutions that will help them get a straighter smile in the most efficient way possible. 

At a time when confidence is short in supply, Invisalign® clear aligners reduces the anxiety many children have about getting braces. The clear materials make the treatments nearly invisible while removable aligners make playing sports, eating, and maintaining good dental hygiene simple. 


Invisalign® and Invisalign® First (a solution for younger children) is the same great technology and process as regular Invisalign® treatment plans, tailored to the unique needs and facial structure of our younger patients. The ‘invisible’ clear aligners used in this treatment will be custom fit to your child’s facial structure. Once they’ve been created, wearing them regularly will cause a gentle shift into the ideal position. For the best results, we recommend 20-22 hours of wear a day, which can include the time your teen spends hitting the snooze button on Saturday mornings. 

Worried about bringing your child to the orthodontist? 

Guess who are our most compliant Invisalign® patients? Unsurprisingly, the 8-10 year old’s. But surprisingly, some parents also discover that their teens are happy to participate in a treatment plan. The teenager ‘horror’ braces patient becomes the Invisalign® ‘champion' patient - go figure! 

Think an Invisalign® treatment plan might be right for your child now or in the future? Contact us today for a free consultation - we welcome patients as young as 7 years old. 

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Damon braces

If your child really wants braces (believe it or not, for some kids it’s considered cool), Damon braces are the modern, advanced version of traditional metal braces. They're designed specifically to improve not only the teeth, but your child’s facial aesthetics as well, without the need to regularly tighten the braces. Instead, in Dr. Duncan’s hands the Damon System continually moves with your child’s teeth, producing the quickest, most comfortable treatment experience possible. 

Damon braces also let you choose from metal, ceramic or clear options, making sure your child’s orthodontic treatments never hinder their confidence. 

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Damon braces

Lingual braces

Lingual braces are another discreet option we provide for our young patients. Attaching to the backside of the front teeth, there are no brackets or metal appliances that can be seen when your child smiles. They are often called hidden or Incognito braces and are effective for treating dental imperfections both big and small. 

Lingual braces

Traditional fixed braces

Traditional fixed braces are a classic option with more innovation than ever before. Dr. Duncan uses artificial intelligence (AI), 3D images and digital scans to map out the exact movement of your child’s teeth. Then, she’ll fix metal brackets to the front of the teeth and connect them with a wire, using elastic bands (ligatures) to encourage proper movement. With the help of the scans, she’ll be able to make precise adjustments that give your child a straighter smile in less time than the braces of the past. 

“Orthodontics is ‘Smile Design’, not just teeth straightening” 

Traditional fixed braces

Looking after your braces

When your child has braces - regardless of their treatment plan - oral hygiene becomes more important than ever. Some young patients can be intimidated by their new braces, but maintaining a good brushing routine is easier than you think. 

Life with braces

Here are some tips to follow: 

  • Brush for 3-5 minutes, making sure to get between each tooth and bracket
  • Brush at least twice a day in the morning and at night. If you can, brush after each meal and snack, too
  • If you can’t brush after each meal, rinse out your mouth with water
  • Use a fluoride-based toothpaste when you brush
  • Floss at least twice a day 

Want more tips? We have complete guides to make sure you and your child know exactly how to care for their teeth during any orthodontic treatment plan. 

Of course, with Invisalign®, oral hygiene is less of an issue. Just take out the aligners for eating and tooth brushing. 

Looking after your braces

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