Invisalign®: Invisible treatments, undeniable results

Say hello to the clear braces that straighten your teeth without getting in the way of your life. From the boardroom to the lunchroom, our patients can wear their comfortable invisible and removable clear aligners with the confidence of knowing that only they know they are there. 


How do the Invisalign® clear aligners work?

Invisalign® is an orthodontic treatment that straightens your teeth into the ideal position using paper thin, clear ‘invisible’ aligners. Each aligner is custom-made from clear, strong, non-toxic plastic, and will snugly fit onto the top and bottom rows of your teeth. Your Orthodontist, Dr. Laura Duncan, will continually give you new aligners - each subtly different than the last - to promote the gentle movement of your teeth over time. 


  • At the start of your treatment, we’ll take 3D digital scans of your mouth and teeth, for the most precise, mess-free impressions.
  • We’ll use these scans to create a set of custom-made aligners. Over the course of your treatment, you can expect to change to a new pair of aligners every 5-7 days.
  • Your Orthodontist can use a mix of in-office visits and remote visits via our Dental Monitoring app to make sure your teeth are moving exactly as planned.
  • You may start to notice the shifts in your teeth after just a few months, but most of our Invisalign® and Invisalign® Teen treatment plans last 8-12 months. 

Invisalign® First: A first of its kind 

Invisalign® First means no braces for your child…ever! It is the latest addition to the Invisalign® treatment suite and the biggest advancement in the 100+ year history of orthodontics. Children from 8-10 years wear aligners for 9-12 months to create an ideal environment for future teeth eruption. Bite correction, arch expansion, teeth straightening, and space opening can all be done simultaneously. Then, when all the permanent teeth have come through, a short 6 month tidy up with Invisalign® is all that is needed. 

Best of all, most of the hard work is done when your child is younger and more compliant. Gone are the days of the rebellious teenager, 2-3 years of braces, not wearing elastics or brushing their teeth! 


An invisible solution for both teens and adults

From pre-teens to mature adults and everyone in between, our Invisalign® treatment plans can be tailored to be the perfect fit for your smile. 

Our teen patients never have to worry about the stress having visible metal braces during a time when confidence is generally in short supply. And their orthodontic treatment will never get in the way of doing the things they love most - like playing sports, enjoying favourite foods and more. The removable invisible aligners are as flexible as your lifestyle and remote visits make personalised checkups with your Orthodontist as simple as taking a selfie - a skillset we know your teen has already honed! 


For almost all our adult patients, metal braces just aren’t an option, either. Whether you are on-camera personality, boardroom presenter or just don’t want anyone to know about your orthodontic treatment, Invisalign® provides a discreet solution to the smile you really desire when you look in the mirror every morning. Invisalign® works for both adults who have already had failed or incomplete treatments in the past and those who have never worn braces and are ready to transform their appearance. 

Ready to learn more? Take our online smile assessment to see if Invisalign® is the right treatment for you or your child. 

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What types of problems can Invisalign® fix? 

Invisalign® can be used for a wide range of issues, from very complex cases to minor imperfections. The type of treatment you receive will depend on your child’s or your own unique facial and dental composition. Aside from the standard Invisalign® First or Full treatments, you could benefit from Invisalign® Lite or Invisalign® i7, which are designed for simple alignments. 

The big difference? They focus on the front 6 teeth, on your top and bottom row, and treatment could take as little as 3 months. 

Here are some of the common issues our Invisalign® treatment plans can solve: 


Overcrowding occurs when the teeth aren’t able to sit side by side in their proper position and alignment. This can cause teeth to rotate, or even erupt (grow) from the wrong place in the gum, leading to crooked and overlapping teeth. 



This is when teeth along the same row either lean inwards towards the tongue, or outwards towards the cheeks 

Gaps & Spacing

As the name suggests, this is where there is extra space between each tooth along a row, which causes gaps between the teeth. 

Overbites, underbites and front teeth sticking out too far

These are an array of bite problems, some causing cosmetic concerns, others long term health issues. 

If you have any of these dental issues, talk to our Orthodontist to see what solutions are available to you. 

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Invisalign® FAQs

It’s normal to have questions about your orthodontic care. Here are some of the most common ones we get from our patients. 

Yes - in many cases, it’s even better. Invisalign® can solve most of the same issues as traditional fixed braces. The main advantage of Invisalign® is that it is often much more comfortable, convenient and discreet. 

The custom-made aligners are created to fit perfectly, using leading technology that measures the contours of your mouth. Plus, you can take them out while you eat and brush your teeth, so you don’t have the same restrictions as with traditional braces. 

Clear Orthodontics offer Invisalign ® First for 8-10 year olds, Invisalign® for teenagers, or comprehensive Invisalign® for complex adult cases. Additionally, regardless of your age, we have Lite for milder, and i7 for minor issues. As you can see, Invisalign® has an appliance for nearly every orthodontic problem! 

Treatment time depends on each individual person and the habits they practice day-to-day. Invisalign® treatment can last as little as 3 months, though the average adult treatment will last about 12 months. 

It is much less painful than traditional metal braces, though you may still feel some discomfort for the first few days. 

As you are continually changing aligners every 5-7 days the movements are very subtle therefore placing less pressure on the teeth which means less pain. There is also less rubbing on the cheeks and tongue than traditional braces as the clear aligners have rounded edges.

Dental Monitoring and Invisalign®: The Perfect Pair

As if Invisalign® and the flexible clear aligners wasn’t convenient enough, we will make it even easier for you to get a better smile. Whether you are juggling a thriving career, after school activities or a sprinkling of all of the above, you can skip the drive and save time with our remote visits via Dental Monitoring. 

You’ll simply download the Dental Monitoring app to your smartphone, take selfies of your progress and share them with our team. Dr. Duncan will use Artificial Intelligence (AI) via the Dental Monitoring (DM) app to review your selfies and assess your progress, remotely. 

When you come in for your consultation, simply ask if you can use Dental Monitoring during your treatment plan and get ready for the simplest checkup you’ve ever had! 

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