Retainers: The best way to keep your smile in place 

After you finish your treatments and reveal your brand new smile to the world, it’s important to make sure that you keep your new look for as long as possible by wearing your orthodontist recommended retainer. 


Choose from multiple options for a lasting smile

Your orthodontic care doesn’t end the moment you remove your braces. We offer several retainer options at BeClear Orthodontics, all custom-made to fit the shape and alignment of your teeth after orthodontic treatments. They include lingual retainers, which are permanent wires bonded to the inside (lingual) surface of the upper and lower front teeth. Patients particularly like these because you may be a little forgetful in wearing your retainer at night - they stay with you wherever you go. 

We also offer traditional, removable retainers in a clear, paper-thin construction. These are removable and are easy to pop in before bed each night. 


Using Dental Monitoring with your retainers 

When it comes to post-treatment checkups, you can also use our Dental Monitoring app to stay in touch with Dr. Duncan and confirm that your teeth are staying in place. Just download the Dental Monitoring app to your smartphone and take selfies of your teeth, then get back to your busy schedule. 

These images will be shared with Dr. Duncan, and using artificial intelligence (AI), we can measure and assess your progress remotely. So, if your teeth start to move, we’ll spot it and treat it right away. 

Talk to us about our retention solutions and packages to make sure you have the smile you want for years to come. 

Learn more about Dental Monitoring


Why retainers are important

A retainer is a custom-made, removable appliance that keeps your new smile in place. It looks like a removable brace, or a bit like a mouthguard. 

After you have your braces removed, a custom-fitted retainer will prevent the natural shifting of your teeth, making sure you don’t lose the benefits of your orthodontic treatment. Retention is one of the most important parts of orthodontics - once you’ve gone through the hard work of creating your new smile, your retainer keeps the new alignment in place. 

Dr. Duncan and the team of experts at BeClear Orthodontics are very proud of their retention protocol because it offers a responsible, long term approach to give you the best results. 


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