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Big grins with Invisalign®

Big grins with Invisalign®

Who says you can’t enjoy your smile while you’re straightening your teeth? Dr. Laura Duncan and her staff have years of experience creating custom Invisalign® treatment plans for our patients. Our patients - from kids and teens to adults with professional jobs - love that the Invisalign® aligners are nearly impossible to see and easy to remove. You’ll be able to smile with confidence and remove the aligners to eat, brush your teeth or play sports - all while working your way to the smile of your dreams!

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Checkups as easy as taking a Selfie

Checkups as easy as taking a selfie

If you’ve ever snapped a selfie, you’re qualified for our virtual visits! At BeClear Orthodontics, our treatments are truly designed to fit your lifestyle. That’s why we use Dental Monitoring - a secure software made just for orthodontic patients - that lets us monitor your treatment from a smartphone. Dr. Duncan can review your photos online and you can stay put on the couch, trail or wherever your busy schedule takes you.

Work, travel, exotic beach vacations – all possible while having orthodontic treatment.

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A treatment plan as unique as you

Straighter teeth for less than your daily coffee run

Break your expectations, not your budget. We’re here to show you that a beautiful smile doesn’t need to cost you a fortune. At BeClear Orthodontics, we make our treatments as accessible and affordable as possible. Our range of finance plans help you to spread the cost of treatments and we offer packaged pricing plans for bundled services.

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A look at your future smile

Our technologies enables you to look at your future smile!

No time to come and see us right now? That’s okay - we also offer remote consultations that will give you an indication of your orthodontic problems and our solution for you - we’ll even send you an online link to view what your smile could look like after treatment!

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7 benefits of Invisalign® for teens

Clear & Discreet

Clear & Discreet

Straighten teeth almost invisibly



Custom designed for your teen

Predictable Results

Predictable Results

Backed by 9 million smiles

Perfect For Active Lifestyles

Perfect For Active Lifestyles

Removable for sports & activities

Eat With Freedom

Eat With Freedom

Easily removed for mealtimes

Better Oral Hygiene

Better Oral Hygiene

Easy to remove and clean

Less Appointments

Less Appointments

With remote monitoring

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Your dedicated orthodontic professional

Orthodontics is in Dr Laura Duncan's DNA. She follows a line of highly trained specialist orthodontists and is passionate about her job. At BeClear Orthodontics, she works alongside a dedicated team who share her passion for putting a smile on our patients' faces.

Meet Dr Duncan

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Your orthodontic treatment all-rounder

Before qualifying as a specialist orthodontist, Dr Duncan was a treatment coordinator, advising patients on the best type of treatment for them and talking them through the orthodontic treatment process. This means she knows every single treatment inside and out.


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Your partner in beautiful smiles

Why did Dr Duncan study to be an orthodontist? Because she loves sharing the treatment experience with each and every one of her patients. She enjoys nothing more than seeing her patients smile before, during and after treatment.

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