Do braces hurt? Your frequently asked questions - answered

Here at BeClear Orthodontics, we know that getting the right information is crucial when you're thinking about braces, clear aligners or other orthodontic treatments. We've put together some straightforward answers to the questions we hear most often, so you can feel sure about the decisions you're making for your smile.

Is Invisalign® treatment as effective as traditional braces?

What are the Invisalign® treatment options?

How long does it take to get straight teeth with Invisalign® treatment?

Do Invisalign® clear aligners hurt?

Do I need braces?

What is the right age to get braces?

Does my dentist have to refer me?

Can my dentist provide orthodontic treatment?

How long do braces take?

I’ve been refused treatment on the NHS - can I still have braces?

How do I know if I can have Invisalign?

Can I pay for my orthodontic treatment monthly or on finance?

What is a functional appliance?

Do I still need to see my dentist if I have braces?

What happens if I don't wear my retainers?

Do I need to have teeth removed to have orthodontic treatment?

Will I need any needles or sedation for braces?

Do braces hurt?

Will I be able to speak normally with braces?

How often will I need to come in during Invisalign treatment?

How much does Invisalign cost?

Why is Invisalign so expensive?

Are braces more effective than Invisalign?

Are braces faster than Invisalign?

What's better - braces or Invisalign?

What is the best age for braces?

How long does Invisalign take?

Is it better to go to a dentist or an orthodontist for Invisalign?

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