Your first visit

What to expect from your free consultation

Before you can begin orthodontic treatment, you’ll need to book a free consultation with our team. This no-obligation consultation helps us evaluate your teeth and create a bespoke treatment programme to reach your smile goals.

Your free consultation in five simple steps

While every treatment at BeClear Orthodontics is custom, our patients all follow the same steps during their free consultation.

  • Assessment
    At the beginning of your visit, you’ll meet with our Treatment Coordinator who will ask you questions about your smile. They will assess your teeth and jaws and take photos and x-rays (free) as needed.
    This includes taking free X-rays and digital impressions with the iTero Digital Scanner.
  • Smile scan
    We will use our iTero scanner to create accurate digital impressions of your smile. This will allow you to glimpse into the future - we can show you exactly what your smile will look like at the end of treatment.
  • One-on-one consult
    After all your records are taken, you will have a full consultation with our Specialist Orthodontist, Dr Dima Mobarak. She will answer any questions you have about orthodontic treatment, and discuss your treatment options with you.
  • Custom treatment plan
    Dr Dima will provide you with her recommended treatment plan - 100% customised for your needs and goals. She will explain the estimated treatment time, as well as the custom quote for your treatment.
  • Decision time
    You will have time to learn about our flexible finance options and decide if you would like to begin treatment. There is no obligation, and you can go home and think about it as long as you need. If you’re ready to start, however, we can begin the very same day!

What age should I come for my first orthodontic consultation?

There is no age limit for orthodontic treatment. No matter how old you are, we are happy to help you achieve your dream smile! That being said, young smiles are easier to shape, and it is recommended that you bring your child in for their first consultation around the age of seven.

An early orthodontic assessment allows us to catch orthodontic issues before they arise, and guide the alignment of your child's smile while their jaws are still growing. This helps save time and money on more complex treatments in the teenage and adult years.

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