Teeth whitening treatment

Powerful, long-lasting results

Want a beautiful, bright smile? BeClear Orthodontics has you covered. We offer a range of professional teeth whitening services at our practice. In fact, we offer them for FREE to all our patients after treatment!

When should I have teeth whitening treatment?

If you’ve been feeling like your teeth look dull, stained or discoloured, professional teeth whitening could be just what you need. Our whitening treatments are swift, comfortable and completely safe for your teeth.

If you’re having orthodontic treatment with us, we always recommend whitening afterwards. Teeth whitening is the icing on the cake of your stunning new smile. Sometimes plaque can cause stains around the brackets of your braces, and whitening ensures your straight smile is ready to show off!

Is professional teeth whitening worth it?

Visiting your orthodontist for teeth whitening is the safest way to guarantee your results.

We recommend professional whitening with BeClear Orthodontics because:

It can actually be more cost-effective - as we print your models and customise your whitening trays so they can be used for many years.

It’s impossible to buy the professional-strength whitening products we use over the counter.

We put your safety first - Many DIY bleaching kits can strip the enamel from your teeth, which puts you at risk for tooth decay and sensitivity. We are here to guide you through the process to ensure long lasting and healthy results.

How long do teeth whitening results last?

Though each person’s results are different based on their lifestyles and habits, our professional teeth whitening should last you around 2 years. Some factors which could contribute to faster discolouration include:

  • Smoking
  • Dark beverages like tea, coffee or red wine
  • Some medications
  • Certain heavily-spiced foods

If you want to brighten up your smile after your first treatment, we offer a variety of ‘top up’ options, and even a whitening subscription from just £10 a month!

Live on the bright side

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