Angel Aligners

Angel Aligners are the revolutionary new orthodontic option, and they have made aligner treatment more discreet and efficient than ever before.

What are Angel Aligners?

Angel Aligners are thin, clear trays that slot over your upper and lower teeth. They are completely transparent, and even have an anti-reflective surface to make them exceptionally discreet when you smile.

Angel Aligners are custom made for your exact smile and hand trimmed and polished for your comfort. They are also removable, so you can take them out for meals, important events and brushing and flossing.

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How do Angel Aligners work?

Angel Aligners use a special dual aligner system.

This proprietary system makes your treatment more efficient and can even decrease your treatment time. Because each set of aligners is shaped a bit differently, all you need to do to progress through treatment is switch to another set from the comfort of home.

Benefits of Angel Aligners

Angel Aligners are popular with our patients because they are:

  • Discreet - The light-diffusing material of Angel Aligners makes them virtually invisible when you smile.
  • Versatile - We can use Angel Aligners to treat orthodontic issues from simple to complex.
  • Removable - You don’t need to adjust your oral hygiene routine or diet during your treatment.
  • Fast - The efficient dual aligner system can greatly shorten your treatment time.
  • Comfortable - The smooth plastic of Angel Aligners won’t irritate the inside of your mouth.

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