What is an orthodontist?

If you’re looking for orthodontic treatment, it would be helpful for you to understand what an orthodontist does! As Specialist Orthodontists, we are uniquely equipped to help you straighten your smile with 100% bespoke treatment programmes.

What does a Specialist Orthodontist do?

Specialist Orthodontists correct the alignment of the teeth and jaws. Aside from aesthetic improvements, orthodontics can treat many issues that impact a patient’s overall dental health and wellbeing. Some common orthodontic problems Specialist Orthodontist treat include:

  • Overcrowded teeth: When there is not enough space in the mouth for permanent teeth to grow, causing crooked teeth.
  • Crooked teeth: A common orthodontic issue where teeth that grow off angle.
  • Overbites: When upper teeth protrude too much, causing excessive incisor wear and a ‘gummy’ smile.
  • Underbites: When lower teeth extend farther than the upper teeth, causing discomfort, digestive issues or excessive wear patterns.
  • Lack of facial symmetry: Irregularities of the teeth or jaw that impact the overall look of the face.

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Dr Dima Mobarak is a certified Specialist Orthodontist with the prestigious status of Diamond Apex Invisalign® Provider, making us top 1% providers in the world and the leading orthodontic practice in Manchester.

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