Invisalign® for children and teens

Small smiles, big results

At BeClear Orthodontics, we recommend that children ages 7 and up come in for a free orthodontic consultation. Even if your child doesn’t have all their adult teeth yet, Dr Dima will be able to detect potential orthodontic issues before they begin or worsen.

Your child’s smile is in great hands

At BeClear Orthodontics, we are proudly Diamond Apex Invisalign® Providers. This makes us the #1 Invisalign® provider for children and teens in Manchester. Dr Dima Mobarak and her team have extensive experience crafting custom treatment plans for children and teens.

Dr Dima can map out future treatment plans to ensure your child’s smile journey is as efficient as possible. Our goal is to give your child the most convenient smile solutions with the fewest appointments - which means less time out of school and more time for studies, sports and fun!

How does Invisalign® treatment work?

Invisalign® treatment straightens smiles in secret using virtually invisible clear aligners that look like thin sports guards. Each aligner is made from fully customised, medical-grade plastic and will snugly fit onto the top and bottom rows of teeth.

We will give your child a new set of aligners every couple of weeks - each subtly different than the last - to promote the gentle movement of their teeth over time.

Best yet, since Invisalign® clear aligners are removable, your child can eat, play sport and brush or floss as usual. This makes Invisalign® treatment a gentle introduction into the world of orthodontics.

Invisalign® for teens

Invisalign® treatment for teens is just like our adult Invisalign® treatment - with one difference. The aligners for our teen treatment come with blue wear indicators to remind our patients to wear their aligners for the recommended 22 hours a day.

Aside from that, teens can remove their aligners for sports, meals, important events and brushing or flossing. What’s more, since they’re nearly invisible, teens can smile all through treatment - without anyone knowing.

Invisalign® for children

Invisalign® First is crafted specifically for children ages 7 to 11. The aligners gently shape the growth of your child’s jaws and make room for their current and incoming teeth. Since the aligners are made from smooth plastic, they won’t irritate your child’s cheeks and gums.

We recommend booking a free consultation to see if your child can benefit from Invisalign® First, as early treatment reduces the length and cost of treatment in their teenage years. In fact, it may do away with the need for later treatment altogether!

Benefits of Invisalign® for children & teens

Our younger patients love Invisalign® treatment because it:

  • Is virtually invisible
  • Has a snug and comfortable fit
  • Is proven to create stunning results
  • Can be removed for sports, meals and brushing or flossing
  • Works seamlessly with Dental Monitoring for virtual check-ins

Happy smiles shine brighter

Book a free consultation at our South Manchester practice to see what Invisalign® treatment can do for your child’s smile.

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