Common problems

Common orthodontic problems we treat

At BeClear Orthodontics, our experienced team is trained to handle a wide range of issues that deal with your teeth and jaw. While we create customised treatment plans for all types of issues, some problems we see are very common. 

Take a look at the most common orthodontic issues that we see our patients having at BeClear Orthodontics - and the solutions we use to treat them. 


Improper alignment of the teeth

Improper dental alignment is perhaps the number one reason patients come to us for a consultation. By using state of the art 3D scans and digital imaging, we are able to map out your teeth’s ideal alignment and recommend the treatment plan that will work best for you. 


Crowding is a pretty straightforward problem - your teeth simply don’t have enough room in your mouth - but it can manifest in different ways. You may notice rotated teeth, teeth growing in abnormal places, overlapping teeth, areas difficult to brush and floss or other symptoms. 

Common orthodontic problems


In most cases, this occurs when the 2 front teeth of the top jaw stick out. However, this can also affect the front 4 teeth from the upper row. The angle of the teeth ‘protrusion’ makes it difficult for the lips to comfortably meet, and can cause a gap between the upper and lower row of teeth. Protrusions also lead to a higher incidence of fracturing the front teeth which is one reason to consider orthodontic treatment for your children once the front teeth have come through. 

Gaps & extra spacing

As the name suggests, this is when there is extra space between each tooth along a row, which causes gaps between the teeth. 

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Common orthodontic problems

Problems with the bite

Problems with your bite may arise from your teeth or even issues with your jaw, which may require surgery. A consultation with our experienced team will help you understand the underlying issue and find a solution for a better bite! 


This is when teeth along the same row either lean inwards towards the tongue, or outwards towards the cheeks. It can create an indented appearance in your side profile and make chewing difficult. 

Deep bite

This can be one of the most damaging orthodontic problems to the health of the teeth and gums. A deep bite, or overbite, is when the front teeth on the upper jaw overlap those along the lower jaw. Deep bites can result in excessive tooth wear, and in severe cases, eventual tooth loss. Depending on the severity, jaw growth modification in our growing children (orthopaedics) is often recommended. Sometimes, jaw surgery may be required for our adult or non-growing patients. 

Common orthodontic problems

Open bite

An open bite occurs when there is a space between the top and bottom row of teeth when you bite. The gap usually occurs at the front of the mouth, but it can affect the back teeth as well. Open bites can result in excessive tooth wear, jaw joint pain, difficulty chewing some foods and can also be indicative of mouth breathing problems. 


An overjet is a combination of a protrusion and a deep bite (overbite). That means the top front teeth stick out, and also overlap the lower teeth. It can be unsightly, lead to accidental tooth fracture and, in severe cases, eventual tooth loss. 

Reverse bite

This is the opposite of a protrusion, where the lower front teeth stick out and can overlap with the top row of teeth. This is also known as an underbite or a lower jaw protrusion. Underbites lead to uneven tooth wear, and are often associated with chewing problems 

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Common orthodontic problems

Sore gums and abnormal tooth wear

Sometimes, your dental issues arise in more subtle ways than tooth or jaw alignment. Improper wearing may be remedied with a custom mouthguard or braces that even out the alignment of your teeth, while pain in your gums may need special care. 

Tooth wear and acid erosion 

Over time, the wear and tear your teeth go through can cause their surface to become slightly eroded. This could stem from countless issues and can be made worse as a result of eating and drinking acidic foods, grinding your teeth, and age. Severe wear can eventually cause cosmetic concerns, and eventually even lead to tooth fracture and loss. 

Periodontal disease 

Periodontal disease is a disease of the gums. It might come as gingivitis, which is a form of inflammation, or conditions that affect the gum’s bone and tissue. When left untreated, gingivitis can result in gum recession, bleeding while brushing and bone loss. This can become evident in its later stages without symptoms with space opening between the teeth, or even loose teeth.

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Common orthodontic problems

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