It’s a digital world

At BeClear Orthodontics, we’re part of the technology rich and digitally comfortable generation 


iTero scanner

No more messy and uncomfortable impressions. Now it’s all done with an intra-oral scanner, taking less than 5 minutes. 

Now you can see your expected treatment result and new smile before you start. And it’s accurate! 

iTero scanner

Invisalign® comes from the digital world

Dr. Duncan treats you in the virtual world before she treats you in our real world. Detailed smile design unique to you, in full 3D detail. See what your teeth will look like in a month or 2 or at any stage during treatment. Know how many clear aligners you’ll need before you start, revealing how long your treatment is expected to take. And that averages about 12 months, a lot less than braces. 

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Braces go digital with Clear or Metal Damon Insignia

A small number of our patients choose braces, either due to treatment complexity, or they suit their lifestyle better. Or, for some kids, they are simply cool. But braces are now digital, too. Full smile design, customised prescription brackets and wire fabrication are taking braces to a whole new world. Shorter treatment, fewer appointments, detailed smile design. Damon Insignia offers both Clear and Metal braces as part of our digital platform.

Damon Clear and Metal Braces

Clear and Metal Damon Insignia

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, along came Dental Monitoring®

A smartphone app using your phone at home, on holidays or at the workplace. Anywhere really. Using artificial intelligence (AI) to assess tooth movement, aligner fit and braces activation, Dental Monitoring® has turned the orthodontic world upside down. 

What does it mean for you? Better quality outcomes, shorter treatment times, fewer appointments. In fact, using Dental Monitoring®, our average Invisalign® treatment time has dropped by 30%, and the total number of appointments is only 3-5. Did you know the average number of the old braces appointments is 15? Often, it’s more. 

And best of all, you have 24-hour access to Dr Duncan through built in SMS messaging. We call it OAD (Orthodontist on Demand). 

How much does Dental Monitoring® cost you? NOTHING, because Dr Duncan believes that technology lets her do it right, to get the best outcomes. So, she pays for it! Now that’s orthodontic passion and commitment.

Dental Monitoring

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