Your first visit

Your first visit is free - here’s what you’ll get

Find out what to expect at your first visit to BeClear Orthodontics, including who you’ll meet, and the free services you’ll receive. Remember that all initial consultations are free and show you what your smile could look like after orthodontic treatments. 


It all begins with a consultation

Before any treatments begin, Dr. Duncan meets with each and every patient to evaluate their teeth, understand their symptoms, and create a custom plan that helps them reach their smile goals. 

  • First, you’ll meet with the treatment coordinator who’ll do a preliminary assessment of your teeth and jaws. This includes taking free X-rays and digital impressions with the iTero Digital Scanner.
  • Second, you’ll get a glimpse into the future - of your smile that is. We’ll create a computer-simulated image of how your teeth will look after treatment.

Your first visit

  • Next, you’ll have your full consultation with our Orthodontist, Dr. Laura Duncan. She’ll complete your assessment and answer any questions you have about orthodontic treatments.
  • Then, comes the matchmaking. Dr. Duncan will provide you with a recommended treatment plan, complete with estimated treatment times.
  • Finally, you’ll be given a finance plan. We’ll discuss this with you, covering the available repayment options. There’s no obligation to start any treatment – you can take all this home and think about it. 

If you do want to go ahead with treatment - you can start on the same day. No need to wait! 

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Your first visit

We treat patients of all ages

Big or small, old or young, we recommend that you start with an orthodontic consultation as young as 7 years old (and up to any age). That way, we can observe how your child’s teeth and jaw are forming and make recommendations that will ensure an ideal alignment. Often this just involves monitoring your child’s growth and development but you can rest assured that you are in safe hands and if any problems arise they can be addressed early. 

Braces for children and teens

Your first visit

Children & teens

At BeClear Orthodontics, our orthodontist Dr. Laura Duncan has years of experience treating younger patients and making sure they feel safe and as comfortable as possible during the treatment process. 

With Invisalign® First our 8-10 year old’s can have early, interceptive treatment, which will remove the need for eventual braces for most patients. That’s right, 9-12 months of Invisalign® First and no braces….ever. Invisalign® First corrects overbites, expands arches to broaden the smile, creates space for ‘crowded teeth’ and closes excessive spaces for ‘gappy’ teeth.

Children and teens

When followed up with a short phase of Invisalign as a teenager from 6-12 months, Invisalign® First is really the new benchmark for orthodontic treatment. 

Meanwhile, Invisalign® is the confidence-boosting alternative to traditional metal braces for our teenagers. These treatment plans usually take less time, with treatments being on average 14-18 months (whilst most children are in traditional braces for on average 24 months). 

Braces for children and teens

Braces for children and teens

Call this stage of life “my best smile”

Whether you had incomplete or failed orthodontic treatment as a child or never got the opportunity to straighten your smile, the team at BeClear Orthodontics is here to help you. We treat adult patients with a range of problems - big and small - creating custom plans that are specifically designed for adult teeth. 

That’s why Dr Duncan has trained to be a specialist in Invisalign as well as offering braces on the inside of the teeth and clear braces for a cosmetic solution to get your dream smile.

Plus, if you are a parent attending a consultation with your child, we’ll give you a free consultation and provide you with bundled financing plans made just for families. 

Braces for adults

Life with braces

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